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Fellow Jeeper, Heart for Service and Dog Lover...We Only Live Once! Why not work with someone who shares the same values and appreciations as you do? Please enjoy this complimentary coffee and Financial Plan!




After 21 years of Practice in the Financial Services industry I have finally discovered how to implement Tesla's Vortex math philosophy and mechanics into helping my client's achieve Financial Sucess in 9 easy to understand steps!

Having a foundational system that correlates to Tesla's 9 free energy goals is exactly what the world needs in order to become Financially Free and live abundantly. After all he did discover Free Energy! 

After meeting with me, you will know how to set your goals in a way that makes perfect sense like never before and you will also be given the fundamental "Traditional" Financial philosophies and tools that go hand in hand with this new concept on how to become Financially Free, and achieve everything you want in life!

I look forward to Giving you these steps... because that is the first Step in the equation to Financial success and the foundation  of the Golden R's core philosophy! "In order to Receive you must first Give!" And I look forward to working with like minded people like your self, so please take a moment to fill out your personal Roll Out form and get on track with everything you desire!


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